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Doug’s Donors
is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and improving life through education and awareness of organ donation.
What We Do
How Your Donations Help
Jim's Bells

We do patient outreach for those in need of an organ transplant, to lend support, to help them get on a transplant list, and even to help them to fill out necessary paperwork. We also provide information for those who are interested in becoming a living donor. We encourage everyone to mark “yes” on an organ donor card or when they get their driver’s license renewed.

As founder and president, Doug Lehman does not receive any salary from Doug’s Donors. He never will. Any monies donated will potentially help with expenses to donors and donor recipients, such as but not limited to: consulting, transportation, prescriptions, lodging, lost wages, and some doctor and hospital expenses.

With organ donation, so often the organ donor or the recipient is prayed for during the transplant process. To remember the organ donor’s family, Jim Langhorst has a little something called Jim’s bells. Prior to his kidney transplant and in the months after his transplant, Jim carried around a jingle bell in his pocket. Every time he heard it jingle, he would pray for his future donor and the donor’s family. Jim still hands out a jingle bell to those he meets, asking them to put it in their backpack, their car door or wherever, so that when they hear the jingle bell, it reminds them to pray for donors and their families. It’s the donor’s family who will miss their loved one at holidays and other family events. So the next time you hear a bell ring, pray for organ donors and their families.